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JITT offers professional & extensive door to door service for a variety of options including but not limited to, doctors appointments, hospital visits & discharge, grocery & personal shopping, social events, airport & seaport pickup, theater & movies and much more.

JITT is a sub-division of YES, INC Home Health Agency that has been providing home-care and transportation services to the elderly and persons with disabilities for over fifty years.

JITT was formed to address the critical need in the South Florida market to provide excellent customer services and reliable transportation in the non-emergency transportation industry. We specialize in providing outstanding services to hospitalized patients who have been discharged from the hospital and are still being housed in the hospital because they have no reasonably priced transportation to get to their destination.

We know that it can be a very difficult time when your loved one is hospitalized and you are not in close proximity to provide the transportation needs. JITT exists to put you at ease and make life easier for our clients. Family members do not have to worry if their loved ones have reached their destination safely.

JITT provides daily ambulatory, wheelchair and stretcher services that transport clients from one destination to the other, operating in the Martin, Palm Beach and Broward counties. Our services can be used for:

  • Hospital discharges
  • Workman Comp injured workers getting to and from their doctor’s appointments
  • Elderly clients going to their doctor’s appointments, skilled facilities, diagnostic centers, dialysis centers and the airport


You name it and we will be right there when you need us.

Elderly Transportation Services

Physical Therapy Appointments

We recognize the unique physical needs of adult. Our staff is experienced in treating adults of all ages as a patient-centered environment that is personal and interactive.

Dialysis Treatments

By choosing Just In Time Transport, customers will be at ease in knowing that they will be transported to and from their facility safely and comfortably.

Stroke Rehabilitation Sessions

You and your loved ones want the best rehab program possible. But, it is important to remember that all stroke survivors are not the same. Not only do they have different brain injuries and disabilities, but also different interests, lifestyles and priorities. Just In time Transport recognizes this and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure stroke patients get to and from their destination on time and safely.

Transportation To & From Retirement Homes

Transportation to and from your retirement home is safe, secure, comfortable with personal care.

24 Hour Booking

Appointments are not necessary, however we’ve attached a form below in order for you to contact us at your convenience. One of our support staff members will get back to you promptly.

Preventative Readmissions

On average, if 5 medicare patients are discharged from a hospital, at least one will check back in within a month. 34% will be back within 90 days. The mojority of these readmissions are preventable.

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